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Success Stories

Mine was a long and difficult divorce process. But I had an attorney who really cared about my case which gave me confidence that I will eventually get what I reasonably thought I deserved. We had a long, and painful settlement period. My attorney spent long hours with the other side and did not mind missing lunch and rescheduling other appointments just so we could go on deliberating. She had very good rapport with the other counsel which made for a more productive negotiation. In the end, I was awarded custody of my five-year old son, the thing I wanted most.
- Kristen

My divorce proceedings were going nowhere. It was taking three long years to resolve my case. My husband was not cooperating in that he and his attorney took time responding to request for information and seldom or at times never returned phone calls. I thought they were hoping I would give up eventually. It took several phone calls and follow-ups which lasted months to even convince them to come into a settlement meeting. My attorney exercised so much patience and understanding, however, after several no shows and continuances, she finally had the court to convince my husband that it behooves him to get his act together. I got my divorce, a satisfactory spousal support award, and a fair distribution of our assets. It was my attorney's persistence that did the job!

- Caroline

My attorney always asked for my input before deciding on what was the next step. I liked that because she sincerely put value in what I have to say. She also kept me informed of the latest developments and made sure I understood what was going on. We had good results and I think it was because we worked as a team!

- Andrew

I had overstayed my visa. However, I was lucky enough to meet and fall in love and marry an American citizen. A friend had introduced me to this attorney who was kind enough to take my case. She filed some paperwork for my husband to sponsor me on a family-based immigrant visa. Six months later, my husband and I had an interview with an immigration officer accompanied by our attorney. Now, I have a legal right to work, has a valid driver's license and looking forward to becoming a citizen someday. Maraming Salamat Po!


I was a French-Canadian chef who was interested in owning and operating a French bakery in California. I had previously worked as a pastry chef in a prestigious hotel in Los Angeles. When I decided to go on my own and open a bakery, I contacted this attorney so that I may continue to stay legally in the US while operating my business. She successfully obtained an E-2 visa for me. My bakery is doing well and I have since then expanded and now employ four assistants. Merci Beaucoup!